A cloud-based project coordinator for architecture and interior design firms.

On the go and at the office. (Android, iOS and desktop browser versions available).

BuiltBy Features

BuiltBy facilitates seamless communication between the designers, clients, office staff, contractors and vendors.

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BuiltBy was built from the ground up to make your life easier.

The Team

Two architects from very different backgrounds have come together to create BuiltBy. Neesha Alwani an actual architect and Manish Jain a technology architect.

Neesha Alwani - Co-founder and Architect

Neesha Alwani

Co-founder and Architect

Neesha Alwani brings her 20+ years of knowledge in the architecture field to the BuiltBy team. She has worked at several architectural firms including Nozer Wadia Associates followed by Ranjit Sinh Associates on a wide variety of projects. Currently, she is a partner at n+s design studio which she co-founded in 2000. She received her Bachelors of Architecture from Kamla Raheja Vidhyanidhi Institute of Architecture in Mumbai.

Manish Jain - Co-founder and Technology Architect

Manish Jain

Co-founder and Technology Architect

Manish Jain is an entrepreneur and technology architect that has spent over 20 years building various companies and technology products. He has been a pioneer in the consumer internet space when he co-founded the matrimonial portal shaadi.com in 1996 and exited in 2000. Manish gained his in-depth technical skills while working with companies such as Accenture and Cisco Systems. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Business from Indiana University located in Bloomington, Indiana.


Currently, BuiltBy is in beta which means it's free to use. We expect the beta phase to last till the first half of 2017. At that point we will be launching our freemium model, which will have multiple pricing plans.

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